8 Destinations Must Be Included In Your Myanmar Tour Itinerary

If you decide to tour Myanmar, you may put yourself in a difficult situation, as there are so many attractions and sights in the Golden Temple Country that you could not know which places you should choose for your Myanmar tour itinerary. To help you have the best decision, we suggest the following destinations.

1. Yangon

Yangon, the former capital of Myanmar, is one of the most attractive destinations while traveling in Asia. This is why you can not exclude the city from your Myanmar tour itinerary. Traveling to Yangon, you will be completely enchanted by the shady parks, the lakes and verdant tropical trees that make Yangon be nicknamed the “Garden of the East”.
In addition the impressive beauty of the gilded Shwedagon Pagoda (Golden Pagoda), the jewel of Yangon, you will be extremely surprised by the variety of splendid hotels, excellent restaurants which are equally comparable to those of any the other growing cities in the world. Besides visits to the religious sites, you can go to other attractions in Yangon such as Bogyoke Aung San Market, Chinatown Yangon and National Museum of Myanmar.

2. Chart

With 2,220 temples still remaining today (in about 13,000 temples in the peak period), it’s undoubted that Bagan is the greatest archaeological site on earth. You have a variety of choices to explore this marvelous site by walking, cycling, tuk-tuk, horse car and even on a hot air balloon. Particularly, if you give a great love to Buddhist structures and Burmese history, Bagan must be included in your Myanmar tour itinerary. Some typical religious sites in Bagan are Ananda Temple, Dhammayangyi Temple, Shwesandaw Pagoda and Shwezigon Pagoda are also recommended for your Myanmar travel.

3. Mandalay

Located not far from Bagan (about 30 minutes by air from Bagan), Mandalay is called “the cosmopolitan city”, full of chaos, smoke, and dust. But when you leave the busy downtown to visit the architectural wonders of Mandalay, you will really comprehend the beauty of land which is the ancient capital of the Golden Temple Country. The most prominent site of Mandalay may be the picturesque bridge of Ubein in Amarapura, the longest teakwood bridge in the world, and this is also considered the place has the most world’s stunning sunsets. A number of attractions in Mandalay consist of Golden Palace Monastery, Mahamuni Pagoda, Kuthodaw Pagoda and Mandalay Hill.

4. Inle Lake

Being of one of the most popular tourist destinations in Myanmar, Inle Lake deserves to keep an important role in your Myanmar tour itinerary. It’s best known by the fishermen just rowing with one leg, incomparable natural beauty and unique floating garden and house. Making a visit to the Inle Lake, you will also explore the rich culture of ethnic minorities living around the lake and buy special local souvenirs such as handmade cigars (about $8 for 30 cigars.)

5. Golden Rock Pagoda

This is the third sacred temple of Myanmar, behind only Mahamuni Pagoda (Mandalay) and Shwedagon Pagoda (Yangon). Golden Rock Pagoda, also known as Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda is considered one of the oldest Buddhist structures in the world that the pagoda is situated on a protruding rock on a mountain. Legend has it that the rock is attached to the edge of cliff thanks to a Buddha’s hair. Both the pagoda and the rock are covered in gold, sparkling in the sunlight, which creates a magnificent image. The uniqueness and mystery of the pagoda make itself proudly belong to your Myanmar tour itinerary.

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6. The ancient city of Mrauk U

Mrauk U is commonly called “the little sister of Bagan”, is the 2nd largest center of temples and archaeological site of Myanmar. Compared to its sister, Mrauk U is less well-known and visited. However, you should not neglect the ancient city when you tour Burma, as the special structure of thick stone walls is so amazing. Besides, you can visit the temple built of bricks, dating back the 15th century, situated on the hills and in the small villages, or the riverside village for a sense of adventure and enjoyableness.

7. Putao

Putao has been considered the gateway to climbing the mountain ranges of Himalayas. If you are interested in mountain climbing, the place cannot be away from your Myanmar tour itinerary. Receiving only about 500 international tourists each year, Putao is amazingly pristine, and it has the richest biologically diverse in the world, with 30 to 40 new types of flora and faunas are discovered each year on average. As Putao is a very remote and rugged area, you can only come here by air.

8. Ngapali Beach

In case you tour Burma for relaxation, Ngapali Beach is an ideal place. This is the most beautiful tropical beach on the Bay of Bengal, standing out by white sand beaches and luxurious resorts around. But it’s seafood that makes Ngapali become a favorite site. Seafood, processed by top chefs of Myanmar cuisine, is really appetizing and exotic.
Why don’t you tour Myanmar immediately to explore the wonderful destinations and realize that how beautiful, charming, friendly and miraculous the country is! You will surely discover its beauty during Burma tours!


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