A Myanmar Full Of Charm

Tourists who have made their Myanmar travel can never forget this beautiful country. They are all fascinated by the splendid beauty of sacred, majestic and brilliant golden temples; by the face, the eyes of the girls made up with the powder of Thanakha or by the wild and mystical landscapes of Myanmar. Everything contributes to the discovery of an exceptional Burma.

Dive into the excitement of national festivals

Many tourists making a trip to Myanmar claim that this land captivates their hearts upon arrival. And just like that, they continue Burmese discovery. Unlike the Vietnam holidays, the New Year’s Day of Myanmar begins in April. In the celebration of the New Year, people organize a water festival. Inhabitants throw water on others in order to wash the bad luck, the misfortune, and the sins of the previous year, wishing a new year of happiness and more peace. On this occasion, travelers are all excited, joining the festival and splashing one another. There is no difference between tourists and local people, all alike, like brothers here.

Visit the beautiful islands of Myanmar

The Myeik island archipelago is now an ideal tourist destination for tourists in Myanmar. You will soon be convinced by the incomparable landscape, the smooth white sand, the soft waves and the palm trees bordering the beaches. This archipelago with no trace of human life consists of 800 paradisiac islands endowed with a wild beauty. It even gains the hearts of the most difficult tourists.

Visit the White Temple.

The white temple of Hsinbyume is also a place that visitors can hardly forget during their Burma tours. The temple demonstrated the intense feelings of King Bagyidaw for his wife. After the queen’s death, the king wept for his wife and decided to build the white temple of Hsinbyume. This temple has a unique design and is different from that of the other temples in Myanmar. The architecture of the temple is based on the form of Mount Meru (which is considered the center of the universe). The White temple is surrounded by 7 corridors representing the 7 mountains surrounding the God Meru.

Colorful markets

Myanmar travel also means visiting the colorful markets of Pinin U Lwin Village on the Shan plateau (east of Mandalay), where the climate is cool and flowers grow everywhere. You will feel like that you are in a totally different country. At the markets, many green, yellow, red flowers, fresh vegetables, and many other products are on sale. The atmosphere and scenery here are ideal for tourists who are looking for a wonderful tour with the desire for escaping the “urban effect” of Myanmar. Immerse yourself in an area of greenery, trees, and ancient architecture. A trip to Myanmar is undoubtedly a discovery of a new paradise on the Earth.

Fishing in Amarapura

At sunset, yellow light covers the entire river. The image of the fishermen of the region appears beautiful like in magical fairy tales. The people here manage to catch fish in a unique way that deeply impresses tourists coming from every corner. Fishers with a leg immersed in water, skillfully launching fishing nets. If you have the opportunity to watch this scene, this image will fit deeply into your heart. Facing the immensity of nature, men continue to tame it to live a peaceful and happy life.

Making tours in Burma to admire Inle Lake

Look at clouds in the sky, admire the sun disappearing on the river and observe the peaceful life of the inhabitants in the fishing villages. All these make you dream of something in the past that has been lost for a long time. Here, life is simple. There is no stress, no agitation. Everything is peaceful and gentle around the Inle Lake.

Bagan in Myanmar

In Bagan, many historic ruins appear mysteriously under a thin layer of morning fog, and this is probably one of the experiences that tourists can never forget about their tours in Burma. It is a beautiful corner to calm your thoughts.

Walking on the U-Bein Bridge

The U-Bein Bridge is the longest teak one in the world. It was built on Lake Taungthaman in the 1850s. The bridge connects the inhabitants of the entire region. If you are lucky enough to come here, you will undoubtedly have an amazing experience of watching the beautiful sunset over the bridge. The bridge is long and without banisters, therefore tourists who arrive here for the first time must take security measures. Once they become more familiar with the bridge, they can stroll as fast as local people. The shade of the sunset, the shadow of the inhabitants and the shadow of tourists mix together. Everything is reunited in a beautiful harmonious image.
Still popularly unknown to Western tourists, Myanmar is compared to a beautiful sleeping girl who never ceases to surprise you. Making a trip to Myanmar is to dive into a country of traditional charm where the beauty of nature blends harmoniously with culture and tradition.


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