Immerse Yourself In the Discovery Of The Most Beautiful Beaches In Myanmar!

Myanmar is certainly a fashionable destination for a summer vacation. Indeed, its smooth white sand beaches, as well as numerous activities for entertainment at sea, will bring you unforgettable moments in this new trend of voyage. Myanmar has sandy beaches on nearly 2000 km of coastline. Nicknamed “a beautiful sleeping girl”, the country becomes one of the attractive destinations in Asia. Most of the beautiful beaches in Myanmar are mostly along the Andaman Sea coast and the Bay of Bengal in the west, so visitors can admire the scene of the sunset over the sea. The following are four most beautiful beaches you can not miss in your trip to Myanmar.

Ngapali Beach – one of the most beautiful beaches in Myanmar

It is a beautiful beach of white sand spreading over 7km and covered with big palm trees. The sea is always deep turquoise blue. Every day, there are several 45-minute flights from Yangon to one of the most beautiful beaches in the country. If you are traveling by road, you have to go through the Rakhine Yoma mountain range.
Ngapali Beach has it own ideal location away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It is a beautiful place to relax in a few days while enjoying the blue sea. Accommodations here are much diversified, offering a wide rage of rental prices. You can choose either of a cabin on the beach and a luxury villa. There are also many restaurants serving seafood at an affordable price.
Ngapali Beach is named after the beautiful city of Naples in Italy. The tourism in Myanmar, which is quite developed, can serve you many water sports, such as scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking and cycling around the beach. In particular, golfing on the beach is very exciting, which is a must-try beach sport during your Burma tours.
Besides swimming or walks of discovering the natural scenery around the beach, you can also make excursions such as visiting small fishing villages and local markets, hiking or cycling to the countryside to learn better about the life of local people. There are also boats that take visitors to the beautiful distant islands.

Ngwe Saung Beach (Silver Beach)

Ngwe Saung Beach (also known as Silver Beach) is located in the south to Ngapali Beach, close to Yangon, which takes only 35 minutes for a flight from Yangon. If you come by road, it can be also easy and take 6 hours. Customers can also choose another way to come by boat. From Yangon, it takes 16 hours on way of Pathein. The boat trip is very interesting that you will have the opportunity to admire the beauty of the sea and the sky.
A decade ago, many resorts developed along the coast. Room rates here vary between $ 15 and $ 400. These resorts have a swimming pool, but maybe you will prefer to enjoy the sea. The sea water here is as fresh as at Ngapali Beach. Going to the beach in Burma, you can lie down, sunbathe on the beach or enjoy scuba diving or snorkeling. A discovery walk of an island at the end of the beach at low tide is so impressive.
You can go exploring the coast of 15km by motorbike, driving on rocky areas or just walking along the beach.
The seafood here is excellent. There are crayfish, lobsters, crabs and different types of fish. So make a trip to Myanmar to have the opportunity to admire this exceptionally beautiful beach and learn about the life of local fishermen.

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Chuang Tha Beach

Chuang Tha Beach is ideal for families. Located near Yangon, along the road to Tha Chuang, it is bordered by green fields, and you can see misty mountains farther away. Chuang Tha Beach is not as beautiful as the Ngapali or Ngwe beaches, but on the coast are many hotels, restaurants, spas with international standards, which are a good choice for those who want to travel to Burma on weekends. Your holidays can be combined with activities of relaxation, and beauty treatments.

If you come here during peak season, you can escape the crowds by renting a boat to explore the beautiful neighboring islands. All you need is a motor boat and you arrive at Thae Phyu Island in 15 minutes. This island has a white sandy beach and a small sacred temple. You can walk to Phokalar Island located near the beach. If you want to dive to observe tropical fish, you will have to bring your own equipment. This will undoubtedly be an unforgettable experience during your tours in Burma.

A hotel on Tha Chuang Beach
Travelers in Myanmar can drink fresh coconut water, eat seafood and breathe the breeze with the salty taste of the sea. Tide pushes shells and small crabs to the beach. You can collect the shells as a souvenir. Close to the beach are fishing villages that tourists regularly visit. Here, people sell shrimp and fish, dried seafood and nice souvenirs at an affordable price. The local population is very welcoming. They will always greet you with a smile and an attentive help. There is another attraction in Tha Chuang, which is a peaceful temple at the end of the beach, built of pure limestone.

Kanthaya Beach

If you want to enjoy a private space in calm and tranquility, Kanthaya Beach is an excellent choice among beaches in Myanmar. Coming here, you will feel like you are away from the busy life and noise of the big cities. Kanthaya Beach is still very secluded and very quiet. It is not very wide, but 4.5km in length. Unlike the white sandy beaches of Ngapali, the sand here is yellow and mixed with small pebbles. On the beach are not sports games or shops. There is only an isolated air-sea space. If you want to come here on your trip to Myanmar, it is impossible to make a reservation in advance, and you will have to arrive on site to be able to rent a room.

Practical tips for your Myanmar travel

An interesting thing about Kanthaya Beach is the very warm sea water in the spring, from December to April. It is, therefore, the ideal place to organize the water festival in April.
In general, the beaches in Myanmar are perfectly adapted to the sport of adventure at sea like surfing. There are no very big waves, so surfing enthusiasts do not need to be much worried. After the rough season of the sea, it is the rainy season (May and June). In Myanmar, popular swimwear is an outfit of jeans and T-shirt. The bikinis are not really mandatory, so anyone can feel free and comfortable.
Spiritual temples, magnificent beaches, rich and mysterious traditions, Myanmar has everything to please us. If Asia has attracted you, a trip to Myanmar will be an unavoidable itinerary with a touch of exoticism.


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