Myanmar Travel: Yangon What To Do

Yangon what to do” – it’s certainly one of the keywords travelers search most when they plan for Myanmar travels. Some people say that there is nothing but noise and dust in Yangon. In fact, the Myanmar’s largest city is full of colors, friendliness, tourist attractions and sights. It’s totally worth visiting as there are so many what to do in Yangon.

Yangon what to do: Visiting tourist attractions and sights

Throughout the city are Buddhist temples, pagodas, green parks and many other attractions. The first name we must mention is certainly Shwedagon Pagoda. Nicknamed the symbol of Yangon tourism or the jewel of Yangon, the majestic pagoda is considered the most sacred Buddhist shrine in Myanmar. You can see the gilded 99-metter-high main stupa of the pagoda from every corner of the city. Legend has it that Shwedagon Pagoda was built 2,600 years ago, which means it’s one of the oldest pagodas in the Golden Pagoda Country.
Another famous Buddhist site is Sule Pagoda, which is said to be older than Shwedagon Pagoda by local people. Although the pagoda is much smaller than the “jewel of Yangon”, it attracts calm souls thanks to peaceful atmosphere and authentic religious practices of the locals. Besides two well-known pagodas mentioned above, you can visit some of the typical religious attractions such as Kheng Hock Keong Temple or Chauk Hat Gyi Pagoda in your Myanmar travel.
Yangon’s also known for its green parks which are especially suitable for walk tours such as Kandawgyi Park. In addition, the National Museum of Myanmar, Chinatown or Yangon zoo is must-visit destinations when you travel to Yangon.

Yangon what to do: Shopping

The city of Yangon is a great place to shop – handicrafts, antiques, textiles, jewels and the beautiful lacquerware that Burma is famous for. The most famous shopping place in the city may be the Bogyoke Aung San Market. The nearly-one-hundred-year-old market was considered as the larger and oriental version of London’s Covent Garden market. You can find almost all typical handicraft products of Myanmar here: lacquerware from Bagan, woodcarvings from Mandalay and woven textiles from the Chin and Naga tribes. Some negotiation on prices seems to be acceptable and expected. If you go with a local guide, sellers are more apt to quote fair prices. In additions, there are some currency shops on the south side of the market where you can change dollars into Kyats with good rates.
Besides Bogyoke Aung San Market, Yangon is home to a lot of shops, selling a variety of products. For example, Augustine’s Souvenirs is famous for carvings from Mandalay, colonial-style furniture, lacquer from Shan States, gilded wooden statues and some beautiful 20th-century silver and brass temple offering bowls; Myanmar Gems Museum is wonderful place to purchase gems and jewelry; Myanmar Traditional Manufacturing Company sells extremely beautiful traditional umbrellas, one of the most standout souvenirs of Myanmar, etc.

Yangon what to do: Eating

If you are a foodie, Yangon will be a heaven of your Burma tours. Chinatown Yangon is one of the busiest and most eventful places in the city, especially in the evening when food vendors appear on sides of the streets and provide you with everything from ready-made foods to fresh produce. You will be able to find typical Chinese food like grilled pork skewers and rice congee at 20th street. 19th street is famous for barbecue restaurants and a relaxing night-life destination, where both locals and tourists come to eat, drink and chat.
Yangon is also famous for street food: Mohinga at Myaung May Daw Cho shops, Mont Lin Ma Yar at Anawrahta Street, Grilled Skewers at Kaung Myat, Shan noodles at Aung Mingalar Shan Noodle Restaurant, etc.
Yangon is the city of limitless joyfulness. Never believe in the rumor that there is nothing here. Traveling to Yangon, you will find a myriad of answers to the question, “what to do in Yangon”.

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