Getting around Burma: How?

Famous for golden temples, historical ruins, idyllic landscapes, Myanmar (Burma) has become one of the most popular tourist attractions on the world tourism map. However, among the means of transport to Burma, making a choice to have a comfortable circuit in Myanmar is always a headache for travelers. While traveling in Burma, travelers often refer to the itinerary, means of transportation, weather, and destination of Myanmar to have a perfect trip. In this spirit, it must be said that the choice of the means for getting around Burma is extremely crucial for the smooth running of the stay. We would like to share some useful information to travel to Myanmar as well as ways to travel in the various tourist attractions of the country. These practical tips will contribute to the success of your travel experience on the land of golden temples.

• Getting around Burma by airplane

(Photo: Internet – getting around Burma)
Possibility to travel to Myanmar by direct flight

To travel to Myanmar from Vietnam, the plane is usually the first choice of tourists. Airline companies often offer attractive promotions. You can book directly cheap flights to Yangon or flights to Yangon via Bangkok. When planning a trip to Myanmar, it is advisable to book early for preferential rates.

Tour in Burma: the different means of transport for getting around Burma among the different tourist sites

• Taxi

In Myanmar, there are many attractive places to visit. Thanks to the different information channels, you can choose your favorite places. During your Myanmar tour, you are assured that if you leave Yangon International Airport, there will be a lot of taxis waiting for you. It’s simple to call a taxi to visit the interesting places. However, a negotiation between the drivers and the customers is the principle of operation to pay the taxi. If you are a good negotiator, you will probably be able to reduce the price of your trip. According to the experiences of many travelers, when calling a taxi at the airport, to better control its budget of travel Burma, it is better to make a small detour by the arrival station of the airport. There, you can easily get a deal on the price with the driver because after taking a customer to the airport, it is more profitable for the taxi driver to take another customer to the city center instead of returning to empty.

(Photo: Internet – getting around Burma)

Getting around Burma more fun with horse-drawn carriage tours

During your trip to Myanmar, besides the taxi, you will have other means of transport for travel such as buses, cars or trams. But before using any type of transport, be sure to ask and negotiate the price before going up. In case the driver does not speak English, you will have to ask them to write the price to avoid understanding the wrong amount and get into trouble afterward.

Often, tourist destinations in Myanmar are not too far apart. For this reason, many tourists choose to visit the cities by tram or carriage. In Mandalay, you can ride on horses, which will take you to various places during the day at a previously agreed price. In Bagan, tourists can rent electric scooters on a daily basis, then travel to different tourist destinations.

(Photo: Internet – getting around Burma by electric scooters)

If you are traveling in a group during your Burma travel, you can rent a small tourist bus for cheaper visits. The tuk-tuk is another way of getting around Burma that customers appreciate. In addition to choosing the means of transportation to travel, visitors should also learn about hotels and food to have a trip that is both fun, cheap and economical.


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