Myanmar travel itinerary with only 300 USD

Traveling to Myanmar for the first time, you should walk in groups, wear trousers when entering temples and temples, and be careful not to miss a trip because some roads may be jammed.
Myanmar forbids tourists to climb the temple tower / The fascination of darkness and light in Myanmar
Here are the detailed instructions on the Myanmar dust trip for 6 days and 5 nights to the famous places with the cost savings of me.

Currency and air tickets

In Myanmar, kyat money is pronounced “bang”. One USD is equivalent to 1,300 kyat. For air tickets, it is best to wait for the cheaper or lucky tickets than to buy the airline’s 0 airline tickets to save.


A six-day trip to four locations including Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay and Inle Lake. Own 2 nights from Yangon to Bagan and from Inle lake to Yagon you can sleep on the bus so only stay 3 nights hotel in Bagan, Mandalay, Inle. Hieu chose Innwa Motel in Bagan, Taw Win Myanmar in Mandalay and Inn Apex in Inle.

Visitors can check prices and book hotels, motels on websites like agoda, booking, ivivu … Rooms at 3 places like Bagan, Madalay and Inle are available for one night at around $ 30 (39,000 kyat).

Choose hotels, motels with breakfast. Staff are very nice and enthusiastic to help travelers rent a taxi or book bus tickets to travel through other cities.


Myanmar has a lot of good food, mix Thai and Indian, the dessert is very attractive.


Take in the inner city sightseeing, you can book a taxi at the hotel or airport. Myanmar taxis have watches but run hourly, with an hourly range of 8,000 to 9,000 kyat. Taxi is very enthusiastic to tourists, they will wait for you, just what you should visit and notice should go to the bus station, the most convenient to avoid traffic jams or missed trips.

Taking a long distance bus to travel through other cities, you use JJ Express’s car is the best and can book tickets in facebook so convenient. The car has a comfortable backrest, LCD movie screen, blanket, battery charger, full attendant catering. Vehicles without toilets should run about 3 hours to stop for the guests to eat, rest and rest.

Furniture to bring

The basic things you need are: camera, charger, flashlight, sunglasses, mobile phone battery charger, spare charger, personal belongings (oral medication, passport …). In addition, you should bring trousers because the temple in Myanmar do not wear pants or short skirts.

Myanmar travel itinerary

Day 1: Ho Chi Minh City – Yangon – Bagan

The plane to Yagon is 2:00 pm, the first thing to do is change dollars to kyat, the airport rate is very good, then go buy 3G sim. The sim price is 1,500 kyat, and 10,000 kyat card is added to have 3G contact with relatives in Vietnam during the trip.

Out of the airport, you will be greeted by many taxi drivers wearing skirts. You can negotiate with them, usually 8,000 kyat / hour is reasonable.

In Yangon, Hieu was accompanied by a taxi driver to visit the Shwedagon Pagoda, to the Myanmar food shop near the temple, and then to Bogyoke Market. Here you will enjoy the characteristic milk tea of ​​Myanmar. You can go to the Buddhist temple lying and go to JJ Express bus station to Bagan city. From Yangon to the bus stop 2 hours out of traffic jam, you remember the time carefully.

At 8 pm JJ Express departs for Bagan, where the car is delivering food and stops along the road. You finish the first day and sleep in the car to Bagan.

Day 2: Bagan

Bus to Bagan Bus Station at around 5am. There will be many taxi cabs offering you. The price of a taxi in Bagan is cheaper than Yangon, an hour is about 6,000 – 7,000 kyat.

You should call a taxi to pick up the sunrise, from the bus station to the temple about 1 hour, just to watch the sunrise and the balloon. Tickets to visit the city of Bagan is 25,000 kyat per person.

After that, the taxi will drive you to the hotel, along the scenic roads can be stopped by the driver waiting to take pictures. 10 noon to the hotel you can take a rest bath. Travel along Bagan Street with many restaurants to choose from and enjoy Myanmar food.

In the afternoon you can catch a carriage – the typical means of Bagan, to watch the sunset. In the evening there is a puppet show restaurant, the price of food is high but the art program is great. End of day 2, you return to the hotel to sleep.

Day 3: Bagan – Mandalay

Breakfast at the hotel, you can choose Europe or Myanmar, easy to eat. You should eat full stomach but avoid eating more eggs because the car will be uncomfortable.

At 9am, the bus pick you up Mandalay, 300 km long distance but it takes 6 hours to reach the road is very bad, the car can easily be shocked.

About 15h is to Mandalay

Day 4: Mandalay – Inle

Breakfast at the hotel is complete, 8h car to pick you up Inle, where Lake Inle famous. The 300 km section of the Google Map, but it takes about 8 hours to reach the lake.

The lake is located in the mountains, quite similar to the terrain in Da Lat or Sapa in Vietnam with cool air pleasant atmosphere. However, the path has many crooked passages and lots of potholes.

Inle Lake as well as Bagan, tourists must buy a ticket ($ 10, equivalent to 13,000 kyat) and present a passport before entering the town area at the lake. Here Hieu’s group at the hotel near the lake, very cute, there are bicycles for tourists to run the town.

Check in hotel is about 16h, group luggage and take the bike to go sightseeing, taking pictures. In the town many eateries, almost all so delicious so people see what kind of restaurant that is.

21h the group returned to the hotel, thanks to the reception set a boat to the next day to play the lake for 22,000 kyat. You can visit 17 places on the lake from 6h to 18h.

Back to the room, people packed their luggage, bathed and slept early enough to go all day long.

Day 5: Inle Lake – Yangon

Due to the whole day, the group had to pay hotel rooms early in the morning but looked for luggage and had breakfast. He drove the boat to the wharf and explored Inle Lake. Take the boat is quite cold so you remember to prepare the jacket.

17 attractions include floating market, sunrise, cat pagoda, dove pagoda, cigarette making area, weaving area, long neck ethnicity … The boatman has a list and will point you so that Convenient and reasonable.

Everyone enjoys until 18h, then rest and wait for JJ Express’s car to arrive at the hotel.

19h departs from Inle to Yangon, where the car serves fried noodles or chicken fried rice to passengers for dinner. Come here is almost the end of the journey, you can sleep on the way back to the capital Yangon.

Day 6: Yangon – Vietnam

About 5am, the bus back to Yangon, get off taxi you take to the city center is about 7h.

In Yangon, Hieu’s group enlisted to visit places like Sule Pagoda, then walked through China Town, went to the railway station … finally came back to the market in Yangon to buy presents. Here the market is very late, near 9am.

Then call the taxi to the airport, from the market to the airport also takes almost 1 hour. Everyone check-in and board the plane back to Vietnam.


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