Myanmar travel itinerary with only 300 USD

Traveling to Myanmar for the first time, you should walk in groups, wear trousers when entering temples and temples, and be careful not to miss a trip because some roads may be jammed.
Myanmar forbids tourists to climb the temple tower / The fascination of darkness and light in Myanmar
Here are the detailed instructions on the Myanmar dust trip for 6 days and 5 nights to the famous places with the cost savings of me.

Currency and air tickets

In Myanmar, kyat money is pronounced “bang”. One USD is equivalent to 1,300 kyat. For air tickets, it is best to wait for the cheaper or lucky tickets than to buy the airline’s 0 airline tickets to save.


A six-day trip to four locations including Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay and Inle Lake. Own 2 nights from Yangon to Bagan and from Inle lake to Yagon you can sleep on the bus so only stay 3 nights hotel in Bagan, Mandalay, Inle. Hieu chose Innwa Motel in Bagan, Taw Win Myanmar in Mandalay and Inn Apex in Inle.

Visitors can check prices and book hotels, motels on websites like agoda, booking, ivivu … Rooms at 3 places like Bagan, Madalay and Inle are available for one night at around $ 30 (39,000 kyat).

Choose hotels, motels with breakfast. Staff are very nice and enthusiastic to help travelers rent a taxi or book bus tickets to travel through other cities.


Myanmar has a lot of good food, mix Thai and Indian, the dessert is very attractive.


Take in the inner city sightseeing, you can book a taxi at the hotel or airport. Myanmar taxis have watches but run hourly, with an hourly range of 8,000 to 9,000 kyat. Taxi is very enthusiastic to tourists, they will wait for you, just what you should visit and notice should go to the bus station, the most convenient to avoid traffic jams or missed trips.

Taking a long distance bus to travel through other cities, you use JJ Express’s car is the best and can book tickets in facebook so convenient. The car has a comfortable backrest, LCD movie screen, blanket, battery charger, full attendant catering. Vehicles without toilets should run about 3 hours to stop for the guests to eat, rest and rest.

Furniture to bring

The basic things you need are: camera, charger, flashlight, sunglasses, mobile phone battery charger, spare charger, personal belongings (oral medication, passport …). In addition, you should bring trousers because the temple in Myanmar do not wear pants or short skirts.

Myanmar travel itinerary

Day 1: Ho Chi Minh City – Yangon – Bagan

The plane to Yagon is 2:00 pm, the first thing to do is change dollars to kyat, the airport rate is very good, then go buy 3G sim. The sim price is 1,500 kyat, and 10,000 kyat card is added to have 3G contact with relatives in Vietnam during the trip.

Out of the airport, you will be greeted by many taxi drivers wearing skirts. You can negotiate with them, usually 8,000 kyat / hour is reasonable.

In Yangon, Hieu was accompanied by a taxi driver to visit the Shwedagon Pagoda, to the Myanmar food shop near the temple, and then to Bogyoke Market. Here you will enjoy the characteristic milk tea of ​​Myanmar. You can go to the Buddhist temple lying and go to JJ Express bus station to Bagan city. From Yangon to the bus stop 2 hours out of traffic jam, you remember the time carefully.

At 8 pm JJ Express departs for Bagan, where the car is delivering food and stops along the road. You finish the first day and sleep in the car to Bagan.

Day 2: Bagan

Bus to Bagan Bus Station at around 5am. There will be many taxi cabs offering you. The price of a taxi in Bagan is cheaper than Yangon, an hour is about 6,000 – 7,000 kyat.

You should call a taxi to pick up the sunrise, from the bus station to the temple about 1 hour, just to watch the sunrise and the balloon. Tickets to visit the city of Bagan is 25,000 kyat per person.

After that, the taxi will drive you to the hotel, along the scenic roads can be stopped by the driver waiting to take pictures. 10 noon to the hotel you can take a rest bath. Travel along Bagan Street with many restaurants to choose from and enjoy Myanmar food.

In the afternoon you can catch a carriage – the typical means of Bagan, to watch the sunset. In the evening there is a puppet show restaurant, the price of food is high but the art program is great. End of day 2, you return to the hotel to sleep.

Day 3: Bagan – Mandalay

Breakfast at the hotel, you can choose Europe or Myanmar, easy to eat. You should eat full stomach but avoid eating more eggs because the car will be uncomfortable.

At 9am, the bus pick you up Mandalay, 300 km long distance but it takes 6 hours to reach the road is very bad, the car can easily be shocked.

About 15h is to Mandalay

Day 4: Mandalay – Inle

Breakfast at the hotel is complete, 8h car to pick you up Inle, where Lake Inle famous. The 300 km section of the Google Map, but it takes about 8 hours to reach the lake.

The lake is located in the mountains, quite similar to the terrain in Da Lat or Sapa in Vietnam with cool air pleasant atmosphere. However, the path has many crooked passages and lots of potholes.

Inle Lake as well as Bagan, tourists must buy a ticket ($ 10, equivalent to 13,000 kyat) and present a passport before entering the town area at the lake. Here Hieu’s group at the hotel near the lake, very cute, there are bicycles for tourists to run the town.

Check in hotel is about 16h, group luggage and take the bike to go sightseeing, taking pictures. In the town many eateries, almost all so delicious so people see what kind of restaurant that is.

21h the group returned to the hotel, thanks to the reception set a boat to the next day to play the lake for 22,000 kyat. You can visit 17 places on the lake from 6h to 18h.

Back to the room, people packed their luggage, bathed and slept early enough to go all day long.

Day 5: Inle Lake – Yangon

Due to the whole day, the group had to pay hotel rooms early in the morning but looked for luggage and had breakfast. He drove the boat to the wharf and explored Inle Lake. Take the boat is quite cold so you remember to prepare the jacket.

17 attractions include floating market, sunrise, cat pagoda, dove pagoda, cigarette making area, weaving area, long neck ethnicity … The boatman has a list and will point you so that Convenient and reasonable.

Everyone enjoys until 18h, then rest and wait for JJ Express’s car to arrive at the hotel.

19h departs from Inle to Yangon, where the car serves fried noodles or chicken fried rice to passengers for dinner. Come here is almost the end of the journey, you can sleep on the way back to the capital Yangon.

Day 6: Yangon – Vietnam

About 5am, the bus back to Yangon, get off taxi you take to the city center is about 7h.

In Yangon, Hieu’s group enlisted to visit places like Sule Pagoda, then walked through China Town, went to the railway station … finally came back to the market in Yangon to buy presents. Here the market is very late, near 9am.

Then call the taxi to the airport, from the market to the airport also takes almost 1 hour. Everyone check-in and board the plane back to Vietnam.


How To Get To Burma: Means Of transport

Burma is a country that is increasingly opening up to tourism. With its many temples, wonderful landscapes and a warm population, there is no doubt that the country has all the assets to become one of the major players in tourism in Southeast Asia. However, the country is in full development of its infrastructure, in particular transport. So, how to get to Burma? The means of transport in Burma are already diversified, but the authorities are now working to improve services and networks. For tourism in Burma, it is better to know the situation in advance.

How to get to Burma? Air transport

At present, air transport is the most frequent means of transport for foreign travelers in Burma. The majority will arrive at Yangon airport. International direct flights arrive from Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Taipei, Singapore, Kolkata and Kunming.

(Photo illustration: Internet – Myanmar plane – how to get to Burma)

In terms of flights, Burma is rather well endowed. The national airline is Myanmar Airways, but the country also has regional airlines for domestic flights and some international flights. You can easily reach your favorite tourist places by plane, such as Bagan, Mandalay or Heho.

Beware, however: it is not uncommon for flight schedules to change without preliminary information. In addition, we advise you to book your flights in advance especially during the peak tourist season, as group travel is more frequent.

How to get to Burma? Rail transport

If you want a touch of originality, a train ride will be a Burmese experience, to say the least … atypical to go to Burma.

Inheritances from colonization, train journeys are not as fast or as cheap as bus transportation, but they can prove to be very rewarding. They will allow you to approach the Burmese population as closely as possible. Moreover, some trips are really interesting because they will take you through sumptuous landscapes.

(Photo of illustration: Internet – Train Myanmar – how to get to Burma)

You have to accept frequent delays if you take a night train during a Myanmar tour. You can buy train tickets either at the train station or ask your hotel to do it for you.

How to get to Burma? The road network

After deciding on how to get to Burma, you will have to decide which means to transport to get around. There is a good chance that you will have to use the Burmese road network at some point. In general, this means of locomotion is quite unpredictable, even completely chaotic. The road infrastructure needs a little refreshment.

(Photo of illustration: Internet – bus myanmar – how to get in Burma)

For long trips you can take the bus. Most of them belong to private companies. They are faster and cheaper than trains. However, the journey remains long, and can be quite uncomfortable at night.

You will have access either to buses with air conditioner or without. The latter are used on small trips. Keep in mind that the journey will not be at all rest. It can get quite cold in the buses with air conditioner, especially if you are traveling at night; therefore, bring a jacket or a blanket with you. However, this is not recommended for children.

In terms of prices, you can make the journey between Yangon and Mandalay for about 10USD.
To book your tickets, do not hesitate to get there a few days in advance, and ask for help from your hotel.

If you have to take the car, again, great patience and adaptability will be required. Indeed, most vehicles are quite outdated, and the road in poor condition. However, if you are prepared to pay for a private chauffeur and a new car and air-conditioner (100USD per day), you will find this means of transport relatively pleasant. And you can escape the crowded buses, which can be a great asset to enjoy your tourism activities in Burma.

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Finally, according to Burmese law, you will not be allowed to drive a car by yourself, unless you go through administrative negotiations with the local authorities.

It will be easy enough to rent a motorcycle or scooter for around US $ 10 per day in Burma. Think about always wearing a helmet, and take out travel insurance. Motorcycles or scooters are not allowed in Yangon.
There are also numerous taxi companies in Burma. The real taxis have a green or white registration plate and you can find the identity of the driver on the dashboard.
Other means of transport available in Burma include pick-up trucks, tris-haws, horse-drawn carriages, and bicycles. These are available in major cities and most guesthouses. You will not be asked to wear a helmet, but pay attention to your travel insurance.

How to get to Burma? The boat

The boat is a long way to travel, but it can be very pleasant, especially in Burma. Whether on Inle Lake or the Irrawaddy, the boat is a great way to see the landscape and life on the lake or the rivers. You can take a public ferry or rent a private boat.

(Photo of illustration: Internet – Boat Myanmar – when to go to Burma)

If you want to make the most of your trip to stop and visit the surroundings, including temples or small fishing villages, do not hesitate to ask about travel agencies that offer tours; This is a great way to enrich your trip to Burma.

Although often in poor condition or not to the extent of what we know, the means of transport in Burma are part of the charm of this country. No doubt you will find the one you enjoy the most in your Burma travel. How to get to Burma will be a question to which you will find interesting answers.

Choose Accommodation For An Individual Burma Trip

With the development of the tourism sector, the Burmese government has focused on diversifying and improving housing infrastructure. During your individual Burma trip, you will find it quite easy to find suitable accommodation for all budget.
You can pay as much in USD as in Burmese kyats, everything depends on the hotel’s preferences.

1. Accommodation on an individual Burma trip: General

For tight budgets, you will be able to find your happiness during your Burma trip. Prices range from 5 to 40USD per room. The conditions, even if they are suitable, will not satisfy everyone: basic room with or without air-conditioner or even shared

For tight budgets, you will be able to find your happiness during your Burma trip. Prices range from 5 to 40USD per room. The conditions, even if they are suitable, will not satisfy everyone: basic room with or without air-conditioner or even shared bathroom.

This solution is very often used by young people and backpackers; the atmosphere in this kind of hotels is often very pleasant, even festive.

The rooms “average budget” have prices between 40 and 120 USD. The conditions are much better than in cheap accommodation. The rooms are indeed more spacious, the electricity is provided 24/24 and the bathroom is privatized.

Finally, those looking for a luxurious accommodation during a Myanmar travel will be satisfied, especially in big cities. Prices are equivalent to the services provided, often over USD 120, and up to USD400 for the most expensive rooms.
Luxury hotels and resorts are often located in large cities and by the sea.

2. Accommodation on an individual Burma trip: Tips

• Burma is an increasingly popular destination. However, the development of housing supply does not always follow demand. It is therefore recommended to book your accommodation in advance, especially if your individual Burma trip takes place during peak season.

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• To pay for your accommodation, many hotels accept kyat and USD. However, bank cards are used very little. If you can ask at the time of booking about the available means of payment.
• The majority of hotels and guesthouses, no matter the standard, offer a multitude of services and will help you prepare the rest of your stay. Do not hesitate, for example, to ask them for help in booking bus or train tickets, renting bicycles or even towers in the vicinity.
• Homestay is prohibited in Burma. However, in remote areas where the accommodation offer is not very developed, homestay is disguised as a guesthouse. It will cost between 1.5 and 4USD maximum.

On your individual Burma tours, you will surely find the accommodation offer that suits you best. Check with a travel agency or on the net to find the one that best suits you. For better travel in Myanmar, you can find the practical information on the climate, so do not hesitate to click here: when to go to Myanmar

Visa For Myanmar And Other Formalities

Since the opening of the country to tourism, Burma has undertaken to facilitate the entry of foreign travelers into its territory. However, like any administrative procedure, it is necessary to be properly informed about the ins and outs of a stay in Burma. So here is everything you need to know to prepare your stay at best: what are the special features to consider before your arrival, and the different types of visa for Myanmar made available to you.

visa for Myanmar

1. In addition to the visa for Myanmar, learn about other particularities

11,000 km separate Paris from Yangon, the main arrival airport of the French in Burma. Knowing that there are no direct flights Paris-Yangon. Most often you have to stop in Bangkok before you go to Yangon. It is about 13h00 between Paris and Yangon by this trajet (it will be necessary to add the wait time in Bangkok).

With the exception of one Italian company (Blue Panorama) and the German company Condor, Yangon airport is only served by Asian airlines such as Singapore Airlines or Korean Air. Myanmar Airways International is the national airline. We advise you to pay attention to the company you choose, especially if it is Burmese. Indeed, Burmese airlines are rated poorly, both by air authorities and by customers.

Before your arrival in Burma, we advise you to book your accommodation in advance, especially during peak season.

Also, note that holiday checks are not accepted in Burma and the use of bank cards is very uncommon.

2. Passport and visa requirements for Myanmar

Before flying for the Myanmar travel and starting your holiday, check that your passport will still be valid 6 months before the supposed end of your stay.

It is quite easy to get a visa for travel to Burma. There are two ways to obtain a visa for Myanmar. Be careful, in any case, you must apply for a visa before arriving in Burma; Visa exemptions do not exist in this country.

→ Go to the Embassy of Burma in Paris

The Embassy of Burma in Paris issues tourist visas for 28 days. For your visa application you will be asked for: your passport (valid 6 months after the supposed end of your trip), the application form, two passport photos, a travel certificate with list and addresses of the hotels in which you will stay, a proof of the return flights and the regulation for the visa (50 euros).

If you do not wish or can not return to Paris to take your visa, you can bring with you a pre-stamped letter.

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→ Visa on arrival for Myanmar

Since 2014, it is possible to make a preliminary request online on the website of the Burmese government: At the time of application, you will be asked for a certain amount of information, such as passport number, various personal information, and a photo. You will also be asked to pay by credit card online, visa fees amounting to 47 €. Count on three days and one week to process your file. If your application is accepted, you will receive an email, which you will only need to present to obtain your visa upon arrival in Burma.

This procedure of visa for Myanmar is possible at three international airports: Yangon, Mandalay and Naypyidaw. Since last September, you can also use this procedure at three land entry points with Thailand (Tachileik, Myawaddy and Kawthaung).

For family travel, please note that each child over the age of 7 mentioned in the parents’ passport must have an individual visa. It is also recommended that you take with you a copy of the family booklet.

When preparing for your Burma tours, Myanmar visa will be the most important administrative formality to perform. However, it is less complicated than it seems to deal with it.

Low Budget Travel In Myanmar: What To Pack In Your Suitcase?

That’s it, airline tickets are bought, hotels booked and your guide annotated with all the unmissable to visit during your stay. So it’s time to make your suitcase. But what are you going to take with you? Here is a short guide to preparing your luggage before your low budget travel in Myanmar.

1. Clothes

Knowing what clothes to take for your Myanmar tour is certainly one of the most complicated things to be expected. Indeed, there are two essential things to take care: climate and religion.

If you decide to avoid the monsoon season, you will only have to provide clothes in which you will feel cool in case of high heat. Therefore, plan large clothes made of soft materials. If you are traveling in Burma between May and October, it may be a good idea to have an umbrella and a raincoat. Of course, if you have planned a stay by the sea, bathing suit and towel will be useful!

Keep in mind when you are having Burma tours that Burma is a Buddhist country in which the majority of tourist attractions are religious monuments. You will, therefore, be asked for a certain modesty; therefore, swap your little shorts and tank tops for long-sleeved but light clothes, and stockings covering at least the knees. Similarly, consider bringing a pair of easy-to-remove shoes for your low budget travel in Myanmar: you will have to remove them when you return to temples or homes.

2. Before your low budget travel in Myanmar: attention to small details

Apart from the clothes, and in addition to the necessary cameras and identity papers, there are various small objects which it would be wise to think to spend a good holiday in Burma.

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• In terms of electricity, we do not advise you to bring anything other than your phone and camera with you. Even if access to electricity in rural areas is more than uncertain, you will not find it hard to enjoy it in the big cities. The electrical outlets will normally be the same as in France, with a voltage of 220-240.
• For a successful Burmese experience, bring with you a small pharmacy kit with essential medicines, such as anti-nausea and anti-vomitives, feminine hygiene products or anti-mosquito. Think of sunscreen, as the sun is stronger in Burma than in Europe. You can also provide wet wipes, especially if you are going to visit rural areas.
• Myanmar is very poorly supplied in ATM machines compared to its neighbors such as Vietnam. Few hotels accept credit cards. So many travelers have a budget, which they bring with them in cash. Bring new (or closest) tickets, and 100USD tickets are the most popular.
• If you want to give gifts to your new Burmese friends, English magazines, school supplies such as pencils or notebooks and photos from your home country are much appreciated. If you have school materials with you, it is better to give them to parents or schools rather than directly to children, so as not to encourage them not to go to school.

(Photo: Hanoi Voyages – Mandalay – low budget travel in Myanmar)
Before your low budget travel in Myanmar, preparing your suitcase will be important. Do not make it more stressful than it is; if you forget something, as long as it is not your passport or your visa. Also, if you want to view climate information in Burma, click here: when to go to Myanmar. This info allows you to have a Myanmar travel more pleasantly without worry.

Preparing For A Trip: When To Go To Myanmar?

Myanmar is a beautiful country in Southeast Asia. This country is a wonderful place to discover its culture, architecture, and population. So when to go to Myanmar?

The best time to travel to Myanmar is from November to February, after the monsoon but before the big heat. Travelers are seduced by good sunshine and cool temperatures. In general, the Myanmar climate is fairly homogeneous throughout the country.

When to go to Myanmar?

For a great experience in this beautiful country, travelers need to have knowledge about the climate of the country. The country is in an area of tropical climate, and Myanmar’s climate is divided into 3 major seasons characterized by monsoon and high humidity in the south and a warm, dry climate in the center of the country.
• From June to October: the monsoon season brings heavy rains especially in July and August. There may be some typhoons or storms from the eastern sea at this time. On the other hand, the center of the country is drier.
• From November to February: the best season is characterized by the absence of rain, the beautiful sun, and a pleasant temperature. It is the ideal time for tourists to discover this country and contemplate its wonderful landscapes.
• March to May: hot season. The climate is very hot and sunny, especially in Bagan and Mandalay. In addition, there are fewer tourists and hotels are significantly cheaper.

(Photo: Internet – Bagan – When to go to Myanmar)

What to do in Myanmar?

After deciding when to go to Myanmar, you will have to decide on a program of a Myanmar travel. You should know that the country has a long and exciting history, many cultural and architectural works and famous historical places. This country attracts many foreign tourists by its picturesque beauty and calm. Myanmar is a place where travelers will find their happiness.

The trip to Myanmar would be incomplete without visiting Bagan, the first capital of the Burmese Empire, one of the largest and most impressive Buddhist archaeological sites in the world. You can contemplate more than 2000 ancient pagodas in the immense space of 40 km2 with tremendous landscapes of forest and mountain … On the terrace of the temples, you can admire a sunset – an incredible landscape of nature. Bagan gives you memories, unforgettable experiences thanks to the majestic beauty of nature, tranquility and the thousands of temples.

Then you can take a journey through Burmese history and culture in Yangon. Located on the Yangon River and the Andaman Sea, this city is the main destination of any Myanmar tour. In this city, there are pagodas, mosques, temples. Travelers will find many historical sites, museums, markets, parks and many temples and statues are covered with gold leaf.

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The Mahamuni Pagoda is home to one of the most important Buddhas in Burma.

You can taste the traditional dishes with the original spices. Do not forget to buy the handmade products (such as silks, lacquers, cigars, jewelry …) that are omnipresent in this country where the craft still makes the majority of Burmese live on. The people are welcoming; it is very unlikely that you will experience any discomfort from the Burmese during your trip. Open and benevolent, they will try to help you as much as they can without asking for a counterpart despite the obvious difference in wealth. The increase in the number of tourists encourages the street vendors to solicit you but a simple smile of refusal will be enough to stop them.

Myanmar will be an interesting destination for people who like traveling. Burma tours give you many beautiful memories. After deciding when to go Myanmar, you can prepare your luggage for the journey of discovery of this beautiful country.

Visit Myanmar: Discover Its Population

Burma (Myanmar) is one of the countries in South-East Asia that remains the most unknown in the eyes of the world’s population. Yet, the country has major tourist attractions: religious monuments. Impressive, exceptional landscapes and warm and welcoming locals. The population of Burma, although destabilized by years of civil war, remains very open to foreigners. A genuine patchwork of different ethnicities and cultures, visit Myanmar and meet its inhabitants will give an extraordinary human dimension to your stay.

1. General Demography in Burma

Visit Myanmar is to have the opportunity to meet the traditionally warm people of this multi-ethnic country.

→ Population and ethnic composition

Censuses in Burma are not commonplace. Until recently, the Birman demography was a mystery. With the improvement of the political situation, the first statistics on the population were published.

Thus, according to the United Nations, the population of Burma reaches 53 million people (figures from 2013). It is a very heterogeneous population: it is estimated that more than 135 ethnic groups in Burma, mostly Burmese. Shans, Karens, Mons represent about 30% of the population. 70% of the population lives in rural areas, and the literacy rate is 92%.

Although Burmese is the most widely spoken language, many other ethnic groups have kept their own language. You will not find it hard to find English speaking people in Yangon and the busy tourist spots during your Myanmar travel. Indians and Chinese also speak different languages or dialects, such as Hindi or Bengali.

Most people live without access to basic health care or hygiene. Infant mortality is high (73/1000), and low life expectancy (53 years for men, 56 for women). The Burmese population is also under the threat of AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria.

According to the 1974 Constitution, Buddhism is the official religion of Burma. It is practiced by nearly 90% of the population. Among the other religions, 4% are Christian, 4% Muslim and animism prevail.

→ Demographic Challenges in Burma

Myanmar’s economy depends largely on natural resources and agriculture. Inadequate infrastructure, lack of training and political difficulties have limited the development of industry.
The poverty level reaches 26% of the population, and much higher in rural areas. Access to electricity is limited to only 26% of the population.
Due to its large demographic heterogeneity, the population of Myanmar is often under pressure from conflicts with ethnic minorities or minority religious groups. This is currently the case with the Rohingyas, a Muslim minority in the north of the country.

2. Presentation of the 3 most represented ethnic minority groups in Myanmar

During your visit Myanmar, if you want to give a human dimension to your stay, we advise you to meet ethnic minority groups. You can thus discover more deeply all the richness of Burma. Here are the 3 most represented.

→ Shans (9% of the population)

There are currently between 4 and 6 million Shans in Burmese territory. They live mainly in Shan State, northern Burma, famous for housing Inle Lake. If the Shans were once in conflict with the Burmese, it would seem that the situation has subsided. However, the Shans are doing everything they can to keep their culture alive.

The majority of them are of Buddhist confession, and speak Shan language in addition to the Burmese. Traditionally, the Shan are farmers (rice, fruit, tea …) as well as very good craftsmen with regard to lead, for example.

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→ The Karens (7% of the population)

The Karens live mainly in the state of Karen, in southern Burma. Many live on the border between Thailand and Burma. The situation of this ethnic group is very precarious: many are homeless, and more than 100,000 people are currently living in refugee camps since the last insurgency.

The Karens speak several different languages, depending on their origin, including Karenni and Kayan.
Even if the Karens are 65% Buddhists, the rest of the population is Christian.
Traditionally, the Karens live on agriculture, making it a relatively poor population compared to the rest of the Burmese.

(Photo: Internet – Karen – visit Myanmar)→ The Rakhines (4% of the population)

→ The Rakhines (4% of the population)

The Rakhines live along the coast of the State of Rakhine, to the east of Burma. They are mostly Buddhists. Rakhine culture has much in common with Burmese culture, but also with Indian culture. This is due to the fact that the Rakhine State is separated from the rest of the territory by the Arakan Mountains and has some proximity to the rest of Southeast Asia. We can notably note these influences in literature, music or even cooking. The Rakhine language is generally comprehensible by those who can speak the Birman.
At present, the violence committed between the Rakhines and the Muslim community of the Rohingyas is causing a humanitarian disaster. We are talking about thousands of people killed or deported.

When you want to have Burma tours, you will come to rub shoulders with the Burmese population. Rich in different cultures, it will bring a more authentic dimension to your stay. And if you want to see her the best time to visit this beautiful country, you can click here (when to go Myanmar) to know more.