Things to know before traveling to Myanmar

Myanmar or Burma track the memory of Westerners, it is a peaceful and beautiful country. If I had heard from someone before, I was able to find something, because who would go without a “Burma in my heart” album or something? For me, Myanmar has left me to remember about an old memory of Vietnam, of Hanoi, of gentle people who work plain and kind. . Going to Myanmar feels like going forever, staying as long as possible rather than just a 1-2 week schedule. Like the feeling of sitting on a deserted temple in Bagan, watching the sunset slowly slow down, time and things like stopping … Do not think about what to do next, One of the best places To busy with photography, shelves, enjoy it.

Myanmar still has many ruins during more than 50 years under military rule, but fortunately, the political situation is better now when the government is trusted by the people. It’s easy to see that the places they need to preserve, the historic sites they maintain and promote very well, and the cities that need economic development like Yangon or Mandalay, they have foresight and planning. Plan. hate. In Yangon Street there are no motorcycles, only motorcycles on the street, alley.

I came to Myanmar at a time when there was a strong earthquake in Bagan, many of the temples were badly damaged. But this does not seem to have much effect, but it is a peaceful country of Buddhism, a kind person who is really kind, hospitable and willing to help the stranger. Today I heard somewhere on television that Myanmar is a charity in the world, helping others, although they are still very poor. They are still one of the safest countries to travel.

Things to know before traveling to Myanmar


You do not have to apply for a visa before you arrive in Myanmar. However, unlike other countries in the region such as Thailand, Malaysia or Singapore. You 15 days. If you want to stay longer, you will need to apply for a visa to extend your stay. The visa application fee is $ 50 and is applied online here.

Money change

This is probably the most exciting issue I have had on my trip since I was in Kyat in Myanmar. Usually like last year, people bought $ 1 ~ 970-1000 Kyats, but I spent $ 1 to convert the Kyos 1270-1300, down to nearly 30%, so buy anything cheap. .

There are very few and few ATMs in the country, which means you have to exchange cash directly. The best option is to switch to US dollars at home and put dollars into Myanmar for Kyat. I find that exchange rates are not much different, change at the airport is convenient and also the best. Exchange currency trading Kyat airport from USD is 1270-1280 respectively, too good because if looking at Bali – Indonesia, airport access they eat too much sky difference. Buying in US dollars to Bali Rupiah 12600 has sold 13600, too terrible. In Myanmar, you do not have to worry about any change in money, you are free to go because the exchange rate is good, everything is cheap, if you change the excess level is still at the airport to take money. Regularly. Remember when the change to bring new dollars goes offline, if the old is broken or stuck to water they do not change. The amount I exchange in Ha Trung can be as little as 100 pounds as just releasing a printer so they are ok. The seven-day exchange rate on Myanmar land is $ 250-300 too crowded.

At the airport, you go straight to the lobby and you will see the bank stalls just to the right of the door. I changed the best counter, when they changed they still accepted all the Kyat denominations with the same ratio 1280.

Culture and costumes

First, when meeting someone, always have a friendly smile and say Minglabar (Ming-gla-ba) – Hello. The Burmese are very friendly and gentle, maybe you do not laugh and say hello they did it before you, all from adults to children.

Myanmar is a Buddhist country, the people here are also very Buddhist religion as well as the reverence of the monk. All the temples come with slippers, knee-length pants (although I see many temples in Bagan in shorts). Without pants, they will ask you to buy or rent Sarong – a square cloth wrapped around your waist, just like the men’s outfits here. Also because of this you should prepare a pair of sandals to travel because one day in many temples that have to take off